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How it Works

Rental fees are based on the value of the bit:
Price up to $ 100.00 - Rental fee $ 10.00
Price up to $ 200.00 - Rental fee $ 20.00
Price over $ 200.00 - Rental fee $ 30.00

The rental fee, plus tax and shipping, are put on a credit card. At the end of the rental period the bit is either returned to Sandridge or charged to your credit card, less the rental fee.

* The rental period is 30 days, including shipping time.
* Shipping via Canada Post to you is approximately $ 8.00 for one bit.
* Return shipping is at your expense.
* Bits must be returned clean.
* Bit rental program valid in Canada only

Purchase of your quality USED BITS:

What we pay is based on the value of the bit:
Starting point is 50% of the current retail price. Depending on the condition and demand for the bit, the price may be somewhat higher or lower.

Payment will be in cash or a cheque, depending on the value.

Bits will be accepted at the discretion of Sandridge

Contact Tracey at if you have bits you would like to sell.

Bitting Advice
Tracey has almost 50 years experience and training in the selection and fitting of bits. Contact her by email at with your questions!

About Our Bits
Sandridge stocks an extensive assortment of bits in both tried-and-true patterns and the latest designs - from simple rubber snaffles to the most sophisticated hackamore/bit combinations.

Included are the those from reknowned bit makers such as Myler, Herm Sprenger, Neue Schule, Happy Mouth, Eldonian; and those of stainless steel and other materials from England and the Far East.

We have bits starting at under 4" to over 6", but please contact Tracey if there is something you are looking for that you can't find - we enjoy a challenge!